Stephen C. Service
Web Developer - Designer - User Experience Guru - Internet Marketer



I am an experienced Web Developer and Marketing Director. Actually, developing (design and programming) web sites came out of my first Internet Marketing Director job where I had to wear several hats... And, I've been wearing them all ever since. Besides working for myself as an all-around "web guy" and marketing consultant, I have developed countless web sites and have worked for several large companies.

For web development, I am a PHP/MySQL (LAMP) guy. I am self taught in the ways of web programming. Being self-taught, I'm always keeping up on the latest technologies. I love to employ Javascript, AJAX and even a little bit of Flash and HTML5. I've worked heavily in JQuery and have dabbled in a bit of AngularJS lately. I am more artistic by nature, so when I put an interface together, it is pixel perfect.

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